Guest Bathrom in Walker Zanger 'Weave' Glass Mosaics

Installation by Luke Denny

Design: Amy Denny and Luke Denny

This is our guest bathroom, fully remodeled from an original 1970's traditional guest bath setup. The materials used: Dark lagos limestone, Oxygen Iridescent glass mosaics in a 1" x 4" module. This tile is 100% translucent, so the color of the white wall is actually the color of the setting materials showing through the tiles. Floating cabinet and wall mount faucet were selected to help keep an open and spacious feel.  Sidebar, Amy collaborated with Walker Zanger on the design of this glass tile product.  Feels great to have one of her products installed at home. 

Click here to check out the product:  Walker Zanger-WEAVE

Stone provided by Facings of America

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