Alpentile Slideshow: Spa and Pool substrate preparation

So much progress has taken place on the Bianchi Design / Natural Reflections Project! 

Check out this slide presentation showing substrate preparation for the glass mosaics and stone.  The spa will receive 1x1 Oceanside Glasstile glass mosaics in Pewter, while the spillway is going be tiled in Pierre Noir, a distressed edge stone.

So far, everything has been sailing smoothly, and much of this is due to the great people involved on the job.  We are all working so well together, and the experience and dedication of each individual is making for a fun and successful project!

Stay tuned for more posts as glass mosaic installation begins!


  1. Great slide show. A live tour was the only thing missing this weekend!

  2. Erica Taylor1/13/2011

    Nice work Luke! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. Anonymous1/17/2011

    We at Facings of America admire your precision and professional detail you put forth in all of your projects. Everyone of your customers are sure to appreciate your workmanship.
    Keep us posted on the progress!
    Susan Bernal
    Facings of America

  4. Anonymous1/19/2011

    The outcome so far on this project is stunning.... so very glad we chose to use you on this one Luke. Cheers to many more in the future!

    Tyler Mathews
    Natural Reflections Pools