Sneak Peak - Glass mosaic installation begins!

Luke Inspects the work
The current Alpentile project gets exciting as glass mosaic installation commences on the spa...
We considered many options for the tile on this feature, and I'm so thankful we had assistance from Erin at Facings of America, who put together the right mix of product samples and design advice!

Glassy Reflection
After reviewing glass samples from  
various manufacturers, 
our final selection  
was a classic beauty- 
OGT Tessera in Pewter #47

The dark metallic reflection of this glass mosaic  
will be stunning under sheeting water. 

In this photo below, even though Pewter is considered a solid color, 
you can see the subtle variation in color and iridescence as light reflects off each tile. 

Sleek design

Landscape Architecture: Kirk Bianchi
Tile Installation: Alpentile

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