Here is an Infinity Edge we'd like to see....

The Marina Bay Sands Resort just opened in Singapore.  
Time for a vacation! Heres the link to the full story...

 Check out the infinity edge on this olympic sized swimming pool.


Denny Pool takes shape at last!

Guess who was up at 4 am on Saturday to get going on our pool waterline....that's right, the Dennys.. 

We originally planned to use the alternate method for our project, but since we're using a dark grout color, 'New Taupe', we knew the translucent glass tiles would show a hint of grout streaking in the setting bed.

We opted for the direct setting method, which went quickly since we are a great team! 

Previously, Luke prepared the waterline substrate with the Aquafin 1K 2K waterproofing membrane system.  He has had great success with this product, and one feature we both like is the fact that the final coat comes in white.  By having a white substrate, bleedthrough is virtually eliminated.  Of course, our tile has total coverage in white thinset, but it's nice to have that extra guarantee.

In this photo, you may notice that we have many sheets up on the wall, still with paper on.  This is because of the extended working time when setting onto a totally waterproof substrate--moisture from the thinset is not absorbed, and this results in plenty of working time with the tile.

Paper face mounted sheets from Oceanside Glasstile.  The paper face system is ideal for pool installations because it gives the installer opportunity to make final adjustments and eliminate pesky sheet lines.  We want this to appear to be a continuous installation of individual mosaics, and would never want to see the area where two sheets meet!  This requires a patient installer with a watchful eye going back over the entire installation, nudging individual tiles to create a cohesive design.

Luke installing the sheets, I followed behind him, wetting and removing the paper.

Even Preston is impressed... he seems content to hang out by the pool---probably just wishes there was water to play in.