Dark and Gloomy turns Bright and Roomy!

Luke's latest project comes to a fine finish:  This master bathroom renovation by Phoenix Architect Greg Seitz incorporates recycled glass mosaics into contemporary design.

This is our 3rd project with Greg, who approaches each job with a focused and deliberate vision.  The relationship works because we share the same goal:  Our dream is to see every client end up with a gorgeous space of this caliber:

Unique details of this project include a curbless shower pan...The unobstructed effect makes this sizable bathroom feel even roomier.  

A shower niche extends nearly from floor to ceiling with 3 inset glass shelves.  The niche virtually disappears into the background, maintaining clean aesthetics of Greg's design.  

Shower walls were recessed such that the finished tile surface matches the plane of the drywall, eliminating bulky trim pieces.



The Materials Palette:

Shower Walls: Sonoma Tile 'Vihara' 1 x 4 Offset glass mosaics in Jade Iridescent (70% post consumer recycled glass content)

Shower Floor: Cepac "Basket-Weave" in Mountain Meadow

Main Floor: 18" x 18" "Empress" limestone

*All tile available from Facings of America

A sneak peek into Luke's exacting substrate preparation for the shower, including a dropped pan to achieve the curbless shower and a new square drain assembly that modulates with the floor tile.

The 5' tall custom built shower niche is scaled to enhance the shower design, but sized to modulate with the wall tile, minimizing unsightly cuts.

As mentioned above, these floated shower walls are recessed such that the surface of the tile matches the finished drywall surface.
No Trim  required!!!!

These details differentiate fine craftsmanship from ordinary tile installation. 

And below, a final detail...look closely for linear veining in this limestone floor tile - Luke installed it uni-directionally, subtly mimicking the texture and layout of these recycled glass mosaics by Sonoma Tilemakers. 

Tile installation by Luke Denny, Alpentile

Architect: Greg Seitz

GC: Russel Price, Exotic Wood Design

Tile Installed by: Luke Denny

Tile Supplied by: Facings of America

Tile Design Consultant: Erin Leggitt 

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