SOUL STITCHES brings in $1,500 for charity

We're super excited about the direction our quilt program is taking!  Officially named 'Soul Stitches', the purpose of the program is to deliver handcrafted quilts to families who don't have a blanket - let alone a handmade, original heirloom.  

This quilt, donated in memory of Vera Franklin, went for auction at today's fundraising event for the Soul Sanctuary in the Desert.  The charity luncheon was held at The Sanctuary Resort and Spa in Paradise Valley, AZ.  Over 75 attendees were there to support this amazing charity.

The quilt was presented during the auction and drew matching bids of $750.00!  A total of $1500 was raised because of the generosity of quilters who are committed to giving back.

Vera Franklin, (my grandma), was an avid volunteer in her community - spending countless hours at the local library as well as time volunteering in the hospital.  She believed in contributing back to her community and I know this donation would make her very happy.

We are thankful to Coleen Swettman from Camas, WA, for piecing this quilt together and to Peach Pie Quilting Studio in Vista, CA for an exquisite job of quilting!  $750.00 will go to the Soul Sanctuary, and $750 will go towards quilting supplies so that these pieces can keep coming!

Soul Stitches needs donations to purchase 2 sewing machines, assorted fabric and thread for Phase 2 of the program:  To teach quilting classes at the shelter, and involving the families in the donation process.  We already have volunteers who will come out to teach the classes, but need the tools and supplies.

The Soul Sanctuary is a women's shelter in Phoenix, AZ that has been in operation for 8 years and during that time has rehabilitated over 60 women, and 200 children.  All of this is accomplished with an annual budget of $30,000, and help from the volunteers that rally around this successful cause.

The women who go through the program obtain degrees and get jobs, learn parenting skills, learn about nutrition and healthy living, receive psychological and emotional support, and are taught to give back to their community.

Many continue to be involved in the shelter even after graduation from the program.   It is an inspiration to meet these women who have chosen a better life for themselves and their families.

If you are interested in becoming involved please email me at amy@alpentile.com


Water Feature, or Swimming Pool....No need to choose!

Installation by Luke Denny, Alpentile
In a perfect world we would never have to make the compromise between form and function.  We like this pool project because it's a great example of the swimming pool as a design feature.  Which comes first?  It doesn't really matter as long as you can have both.  

This client really wanted a contemporary feel in this cozy backyard space, and icy blue 1x1 painted back glass mosaics were a great choice to keep the palette clean and cool. 

Realistically, we spend 90% of our backyard time looking at our pools, rather than being in them.  Morgan Holt, owner of Earth Art Inc, and Natural Reflections Pools and Spas worked together with the client to create a stunning water feature in this cozy backyard space - beautiful to look at, and also a functional pool or spa when required.   The end result is a great entertaining space, whether for a pool party, backyard BBQ, or a quiet morning cup of coffee on the patio...enjoy!

Hardscape and Design:  Morgan Holt, Earth Art Inc.

Pool Builder: Tyler Mathews, Natural Reflections Pools and Spas

Tile Installed by Luke Denny, Alpentile

Tile: 1x1 Painted Back Glass Mosaics, Dal Tile



Installation by Luke Denny, Alpentile, Phoenix, AZ


Contemporary Glass Mosaic Waterfall

This contemporary water feature introduces the soothing sounds of sheeting water into a backyard Paradise Valley retreat.  

Small spaces like this private patio are the perfect place to add a design element with movement and sound.  

We like the 1x1 glossy mosaics on this project because of light play, and the ability to find the perfect blue for this clients palette. 


Installation by Luke Denny, Alpentile
Design/Build : Morgan Holt, Earth Art Inc.

Tile Installation: Luke Denny, Alpentile 

Product Shown: 1x1 painted back glass mosaics