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The current issue of Pool and Spa News features this excellent article about glass tile specifications in pools and spas.  It is so important that quality products are selected and that the mounting systems for these mosaics are appropriate for water submersion.

Just as important - the installation method and materials - which must be designed not only for glass tile, but also to accommodate the movement that occurs in the concrete pool shell.  We continue to share this information in the hopes that further education in our industry will improve the quality standards and result in more success stories with the beautiful products available to today's discerning designers, architects and homeowners.

Here is a snippet of the article, click below to read the entire article:

Pool and Spa News - Pros voice Glass Tile Concerns
Pros Voice Glass Tile Concerns
By Rebecca Robledo | 8.2.2012

"As the popularity and sales of glass tile increase, a group of professionals have begun 
gathering to discuss problems associated with some of the products. 

The issues include product-quality questions, the unwillingness of some manufacturers to stand behind
their merchandise and a voluntary installation standard. 

“We’re afraid that because of bad installers or bad glass, people will shy away from the use of glass 
in these environments,” said Steve Slutzah, president of Westside Tile & Stone in Los Angeles. 

“And some of these people have been doing pools for 15 or 20 years [without] having a problem.”

Slutzah and others attribute the issues, in part, to a recent influx of manufacturers entering the 
glass-tile market, some with inferior quality products."....Read the entire article HERE