Brighten up your Contemporary Backyard with a Glass Tile Water Feature Like This

Sometimes a fountain just needs a little TLC.

This contemporary water feature had some technical problems and when homeowner Bret Hopper contacted us -  he worried his fountain would not be able live up to its full potential.

Not to worry!  We were able to bring the right installation system, and some great product and design to the project to create a cooling water feature for this Scottsdale backyard.
Luke started with prep - grinding, floating.
Then came waterproofing...
And Finally a two-layer antifracture membrane
Ready for Tile.  The bottom of the fountain was waterproofed and tiled at a second stage.
This design called for a clean 90 degree corner so we decided to miter all the perimeter mosaics to achieve a right angle.
Installing Miters: over 800 miters on this fountain.
A clean, crisp edge....
Looking good with Moonstone Muse!  Sometimes we encounter dye lot issues when working with handmade products.  On this particular installation we did quite a bit of hand-blending to maintain an even look to the installation.  Many hours were spent blending sheets and tiles during the installation process.
One consideration that needing resolution was the sheer decent water spillways, which had been recessed too far into the monolith by the original builder.  Then, with the addition of tile and floatwork, we caused them to be recessed even further.  So we went to our friend over at Grizzly Iron to have these custom stainless steel spillway extensions fabricated.
Do you see the dark shadows around each tile?  This is my favorite thing about the color 'moonstone' - while it is an opaque 'milk' glass formula, the perimeter of each tile is slightly translucent as a result of the manufacturing process, and when the installation is grouted, these edges actually trap light and create shadows within the installation.  It give such depth and movement to the installation.


Make your Contemporary Statement with a Glass Mosaic Feature Wall

We recently helped our friends over at Oceanside Glasstile with some installations for their new product line, "Blue'.  This exciting new collection is based on the simple beauty of the material from which it is crafted.

With a color palette steeped in nostalgia, this product line offered the perfect selection for a luxury bachelor pad feature wall project that had come up in recent months.  I have always believed that a feature wall of glass mosaics is one of the most beautiful design statements one can make.  A play of scale and texture generates a big design 'pop' when tiny little translucent squares are allowed to fill the entire space.

We took before pics, visualizing the area to be tiled...

  Installation Timelapse. Watch it, Like it and Share it please!  It's fun!

Product: Oceanside Glasstile 'BLUE' in 1x3 brick
Design: Amy Denny, Alpentile
Installation: Luke Denny, Alpentile
Photo: Michael Woodall, www.michaelwoodall.com