New Persectives in Tile Design

Tile Design Trends

I’ve been thinking about the next direction in tile design.
On Trend:  Thoughtful design that balances luxurious materials with long term functionality.  
Contemporary Bathroom Design_logo
After spending the summer in pools and spas, we are back inside, taking a break from the heat and getting our design juices flowing with awesome new products from Oceanside Glasstile!
Glass Mosaic Patterns Bathroom_logo
In this master bathroom remodel, we balanced design and durability by mixing large format porcelain, known for contemporary aesthetic and low maintenance, with hand made glass mosaics in a clean and crisp hue.  The first time I saw  ”Kaleidascope”  Tessera from Oceanside Glasstile I knew I had to design with it.
Kaleidascope creates the perfect amount of movement in our tile feature wall.  Is it a pattern from a quilt, a simplified take on Moroccan mosaics?  Both resonate with handcrafted detail.
Modern Bathroom Design_logo
Budget didn’t allow for cutting out slab for a curbless  shower entry, so by over-sizing the shower, we maintained proper slope with this mini-step entry, trimmed with mosaic  v-caps we hand-cut to match the micro mosaic floor tile. Micro Curb Shower Entry
Custom Trim

The raised area serves as a landing/drying zone.
We didn’t scrimp on details – all outside corners are mitered in this installation.  Even 1×1′s get a custom back miter when we wrap our countertops:
Glass Tile Back Miter
Contemporary Bathroom Vanity_logoOver-mount sink design has come a long way in recent years, and to be honest, I like the over-mount options over most under-mount designs!  The great news, this opens up the material palette for vanities!  I LOVE mosaic countertops now that high-performance grouts and super penetrating sealers allow for low maintenance.  It also opens up the shopping list to include gorgeous vanity trays when designing the finishing touches of the room.  FUN for me!
Glass Mosaic Shower Floor_logoBottom line, the best design serves up exciting new material combinations while keeping function in mind.  Our micro-mosaic floor – ‘Facets’ by Oceanside glasstile in a blend of three finishes gives a hint of eye-catching luster.

BeforeLuke Denny Installs Oceanside GlasstileLuke on the level  Luke and Kaleidascope

DESIGN:  Luke and Amy Denny – Alpentile
Installation: Luke and Amy Denny - Alpentile
Glass Tile:  Oceanside Glasstile Tessera:  ”Kaleidascope”, “Facets” and “1×1″s in “Moonstone”
Wall Tile: “Oyster Stroke” 6″ x 24″ – from Facings of America
Floor Tile:  Cactus Tile

For more information on the products in this design, call 602-541-3065 or email amy@alpentile.com

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