The Devil is in the Details.

We spend a lot of time talking about the important requirements for glass tile installations.  Techie talk is pretty dry, and we can't blame anyone for glazing over when we start going into the pros and cons of elastomeric membranes, cementicious waterproofing, polymer modifiers...ugh.
Luke and Amy setting pebbles by hand.
Luke and Amy setting pebbles by hand.
So let's get on to the fun stuff.  
A true artist must master the technical process before unleashing creative freedom.

Creative Transitions in Bronze
Creative Transitions with Bronzework Studios

Luxury and Artisan Tiles.  Countless products exist that will make your pool or spa a unique statement in luxury.  It's important to find experts who have the knowledge, and close industry peers to help execute your most technical designs.

Pool Jet in a Field of Mosaics
Pool Jet in a Field of Mosaics

Clean Mosaic Detailing.  Where form meets function, design execution is critical.  Modern pools are filled with fun water features, necessary pool jets, functional cleaning heads, and each one of these round pipes must be tiled in to a field of mosaics.  Clean cuts are critical to the design - we want people to think 'how did they do that' ... not 'what happened here?'

Sexy Curves
Sexy Curves

Sexy Curves:  Our amazing eyes want to find a line and follow it to the horizon.  So when curved element like this knife edge has a flat spot, you will see it.  We spend days perfecting these complex curves so that your eye keeps moving as you are drawn in to the pool.

Smooth Surfaces
Smooth Surfaces

Smooth Surfaces.  The iridescence of glass tile will reflect light and show off any inconsistency in the substrate.  Smoothing out the rough pool shell takes time, and sometimes many layers of buttery mortar to refine these surfaces until glass goes in with a mirror-like sheen!

Small Tile Spa
Trims and Transitions

Tile Trims and Transitions.  A transition is a place to accent the design - these are areas where one tile meets another, one plane intersects another , and these areas are a design opportunity, perfectly suited to mosaics!  Clever use of trim, precision slicing along templates, contrasting colorways - transitions are for artistic exploration.

Mosaic Murals
Mosaic Murals

Endless Design Opportunities.  Mosaics allow endless creative freedom, and companies like Oceanside Glasstile, Artaic, and Sicis offer mosaic solutions ranging from three-dimensional tiles, to robotically reproduced imagery, to exquisite hand-cut murals.  If you can think of it, it can be made, and we can figure out how to take the 2d brushstroke and transform it into a three dimensional mosaic work of art.

Perfectly Wrapped Corners
Perfectly Wrapped Corners

Excellence in Craft.  Clean curves, straight lines, crisp corners, flat planes.  Good technique, patience, and time are the main ingredients in an excellent pool tile installation.

Images are pools, spas and water features we have created for these amazing designers and builders:
Groupworks LLC
Red Rock Pools and Spas
Kirk Bianchi, Bianchi Designs
Wendy Lesueur Designs
Desert Metropolitan
Sonoran Waters
Tile by Oceanside Glasstile, Lightstreams, Bronzework Studio.


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